Hello Investors

We want to show Australia how important we are as farmers. We believe that farming is one of the foundational industries of our country - hey, we supply your lamb chops and Sunday roasts! We believe that there are many Australians out there who want to help to improve our own agriculture instead of letting overseas interests buy off our land! If you want to be part of that, consider investing in us and your Aussie lamb chops are a little bit safer! If you always wanted to be part of the agriculture business but never knew how, maybe with your investment and our knowledge we could be a good team.  

Historically, farming has been a family funded business. However, presently farmers are facing significant challenges raising sufficient capital to drive productivity improvements through the banks. This need for new capital provides a very timely opportunity for investment into Australian agriculture. 

If you want to save a piece of Australian outback culture, get in touch and help us make it work!