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Helen and Gemma Cripps are the current owners of Gabyon and have been working the station since 2009.  Gabyon is a fully functioning sheep station and we work hard to maintain our livestock while caring deeply for the well-being of the animals and the land. We ask that you respect the way of station life and in return, we are proud to offer you the chance to experience something amazing and authentically Australian.

At 271,500 hectares and approximately 90 kilometres across, Gabyon is the second largest station in the shire of Yalgoo and a forty minute drive to the historic mining township. Gabyon has grown over the years from the combining of adjacent properties and today, in addition to the main homestead, there is evidence of four other homesteads on the property.  The main homestead was built in 1891 by a Mr John Hearn, and in 1906 the property was sold to Mr Arthur Charles Gillam whose family went on to start the Gabyon Pastoral Co.  Gabyon is one of only three stations in the Yalgoo Shire that stayed within the same family for more than eighty years - now that's a history to be proud of!

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